We offer a wonderful program using the Capoeira Martial Art Class with the best of both worlds: a fun unique aerobic workout and the experience of the beautiful fighting spirit of Capoeira.  Capoeira is played by specific movements and music and it can be performed in the Roda-a circle that includes every participant either performing inside the circle (by using Capoeira movements) or around it (by singing, clapping, and playing percussion instruments). The unique Capoeira movements allow the Capoeira student to create their own style of playing in the Roda. The classes are designed to bring joy to the students by learning the special and unique movements of Capoeira-including specific dancing movements and self-defense. The practice is done with Capoeira music played with percussion instruments. This special fitness program includes work out classes with fluid movements, bringing the music and culture that makes Capoeira a truly amazing experience. The known benefits of this practice includes: Stress reduction, strength, muscle toning, overall fitness, gain of self-confidence and more.

Capoeira originated with African slaves back in the 17th century in response to slavery. It has been an important symbol of resistance to oppression and it’s found residence in parts of African American culture here in the U.S. Everyone is invited to be part of this experience because Capoeira’s philosophy is based on the acceptance of every person as they are, to believe that everyone has the power to be better and resiliently face many challenges in life. The power of the group support and the diversity and the unique character of every person contributes to the philosophy includes tolerance, respect, honor, courage, grace, self-respect, self love and freedom.

The Capoeira Experience Program is held on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 am. Each class is $12 drop in, or $10 on a 6 time punch card, which never expires.

Private Lessons can be arranged for Capoeira special movements Berimbau classes/Capoeira Songs.

This class is taught by Carla Hisatugo a Brazilian Capoeira professor with over 30 years of practice.


The program, “Come As You Are”, is brought to you by SOFT-The Society of Fellow Travelers, at Two Left Feet Dance Studio. 1405 N Kiln Creek Pkwy. Newport News, Va. 23602. For more information call Rick at Two Left Feet 757-813-4371.