We currently have three meditation guides at SOFT. Frank Alvarado, Dr. Ajmal Sobhan and Dr. Venki Venkat. We do a guided meditation every Sunday at 11:00 am, following our 9:30 am yoga class. (The yoga and meditation classes are donation based).

Venki and Ajmal have been discussing and exploring various aspects of spirituality for nearly two decades. They have also pursued the path of “Vipassana” meditation for some time now. The two of them also co authored a book named “The Sacred Drops” in 2014. In the book  they put into words their philosophy and spirituality. The essence of the book is a reevaluation of the ancient wisdom which spoke in volumes on human suffering, and the way to end it. The book addresses the nature of the mind and its constant interaction with the outer world, generating waves of desires stealing tranquility and peace . The book provides the fundamental approach to secure peace of mind through the self discovery process which has some key principles drawn from “Vipassana” and other spiritual wisdom.

The practice of “Vipassana” meditation  requires a 10 day retreat which involves silence and meditation eight hours a day. Another name for “Vipassana” meditation is Insight meditation (a clear awareness of what is happening). Vipassana meditation goes beyond serenity and tranquility as it chips away at the very core of our turbulent mind and brings full awareness of reality as it is.

Venki and Ajmal  do not teach “Vipasanna”  but share their experience with those who come to our Sunday practice. At the end of the 30 minute meditation participants participate in an open discussion, whenever possible, so as to allay confusion and bring understanding.